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The Denver Catholic Worker Community

In July 2018, we celebratied 40 years of Catholic Worker Hospitality in Denver. Since July 1978, we have welcomed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness into our home and community.

The shape and form of our community changed instantly on January 24, 2016. In the early morning hours that day, our home of 38 years burned out. Fortunately, all 12 residents were safe, but our central house of hospitality was gone.

Over the past 2 years we have been a dispersed community. Offering hospitality in various homes across Denver. Meeting weekly for prayer, and monthly for meals and discernment. ¬†Throughout this time, we explored several different options to rebuild our central house of hospitality, but in each case, we found that it was not God’s plan to rebuild–until recently.

On July 2, 2018, we purchased a four bedroom house within the half block of Emmaus Housing — a small non-profit affordable housing organization that was founded by a group of Cathloic Worker related folks in Five Points in 1999 and has been operated by those folks for the last 19 years.

Over the last several weeks we have been renovating this house in partnership with volunteers from Ave Maria Parish.

40+ years after our founding, we are almost ready to open the doors of this new house to 40 more years of Catholic Worker Hospitality.


Contact the Denver Catholic Worker Community:

1023 26th Street, Denver, CO  80205


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