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The Denver Catholic Worker House Community

In July 2018, we celebrated 40 years of Catholic Worker hospitality in Denver. Since July 8, 1978, we have welcomed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness into our home and community. The Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, which has operated independently from the hospitality house since 1982, serves many more people who still live on the streets.

In the early morning hours of January 24, 2016, our home of 38 years burned. Fortunately, everyone got out safely. For two years, we were a dispersed community, offering limited hospitality in some homes, and meeting weekly for prayer and monthly for a meal, fellowship and discernment.

On July 2, 2018, we purchased a four-bedroom house within the half-block of Emmaus Housing, which is a small non-profit low-income housing organization that was founded by a group of Catholic Worker-related folks in Five Points in 1999. We renovated the house in partnership with volunteers from Ave Maria Parish. Two folks who were living in the old house became the core of the new.

On June 20, 2019, we received our first new guests into the new house, beginning our next era of hospitality to people experiencing homelessness in Denver.


Contact the Denver Catholic Worker Community:

1027 26th Street, Denver, CO  80205


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